Retrofit / Remodel /New Construction


  • Single stage gas furnace
  • Two stage gas furnace (saves up to 25% off existing heating costs)
  • Variable speed gas furnace
    (saves up to 30% on existing heating costs)

    • The most quiet of furnaces.
  • Commercial systems up to 20 ton
    • Gas pack, Heat pumps, Air-conditioners
    • DKN-Pckg-AC_HP-Lft-HR

Ever consider in-floor or hydronic heating?

Customer Feedback

Over the years our satisfied customers have provided us with some important feedback that we feel is worth passing on to our future customers.

They have stated that in hindsight they would have invested the extra money to obtain a quieter system. They felt that contractors and builders only put in ‘builder grade systems’ leaving them to deal with the system that won’t heat or cool like they should.

Our experience in explaining the difference in equipment and the consequences of a system design means years of a quieter and a more economical operating system verses years of tolerating high utility costs with uneven heating and loud system.